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Medicare Advantage

What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage, or Part C, provides more complex coverage than Original Medicare and is sold by private insurance companies. Those companies work closely with Medicare to ensure that all guidelines are followed.

What do Part C Plans include?

Part C can include a variety of things. Specific coverage will depend on the preferences of the beneficiary. Vision, dental, and hearing can all be added to Part C plans. Medicare Advantage is separate from Original Medicare but will provide both Part A and Part B coverage as a baseline.

Why choose Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage allows you to select the coverage that will be most beneficial to you. If you wear glasses or use hearing aids, adding vision or hearing coverage may lower your bills.

If you enroll in Medicare Advantage, you must find an insurance provider you trust. Senior Insurance Consultants provide personalized, detailed attention to our clients. We won’t stop researching and collaborating until we find the right plan for you.

How does Medicare Advantage work

What is included in Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans offer a wide variety of coverage that the beneficiary can select. Coverage not included in Original Medicare, like dental and vision, can be added to a Medicare Advantage Plan.

There are different types of policies within Part C. Preferred Provider Organization Plans, and Health Maintenance Organization Plans are two examples of possible enrollment. These plans each have specific benefits and will allow the beneficiary access to needed medical care.

Who sells Advantage Plans?

Advantage Plans, also known as Part C, are sold through private insurance companies. Medicare sets regulations and standards they must meet to offer Part C.

If you want to enroll in a Part C plan, finding an insurance provider you feel comfortable working with is best. Enrolling in an insurance plan can be complicated and a big decision, and getting the advice of an expert is the best way to ensure you’re aware of all the options.

Who needs Medicare Advantage?

Those who want coverage beyond what Original Medicare offers are encouraged to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Vision, dental and hearing coverage can all be added. Different provider networks are included in individual plans, which is another reason beneficiaries choose Part C.

Enrolling in Medicare Advantage means having more control over your health insurance. Understanding what coverage is available and what plan will best fit your needs is essential in selecting which type of plan you’ll enroll in.

If you’re considering enrolling in Part C, a member of our team would be happy to discuss all your options with you. Taking the initiative to select the right insurance is incredibly important, and we look forward to helping you find the best plan.

Medicare Breakdown

Your Comprehensive Guide to Medicare

Enrolling in Medicare Advantage

Who sells Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage, or Part C, is sold through private insurance companies. They work closely with Medicare to ensure that guidelines are followed and that the insurance is of the highest quality.

What’s the first step in enrollment?

If you’re looking to enroll in Part C, the best step is to find an insurance agency selling Medicare Advantage. Insurance decisions are essential, so you should always work with an agent you trust.

Costs of Advantage Plans

The cost of Medicare Advantage varies depending on the coverage included. Before enrolling in a plan, ensure you know all the fees. Plans may have deductibles, coinsurances, and copayments. Understanding how these could impact your bill is essential in choosing the right plan for your medical needs.

Advantage Plans are sold through private insurance companies that work to provide excellent coverage for each individual. Being able to personalize your coverage and select the areas you’ll use most is why many choose Medicare Advantage. Part C will have a monthly premium.

PPO Plans

Preferred Provider Organization Plans, or PPO Plans, are a form of Medicare Advantage. They’re sold through private insurance companies.

What is a PPO Plan?

PPO Plans have a network of healthcare professionals recommended for beneficiaries to use. By using providers within the network, beneficiaries pay less. Using these providers means your insurance will be accepted, and going out-of-network for care means the bill will most likely be higher.

Why choose a PPO Plan?

For the most part, PPO Plans do not require referrals to see specialists within the network, which means that individuals can make appointments without seeing their primary care doctor. PPO Plans also don’t require beneficiaries to choose a primary care doctor.

It’s important to discuss your options

Many things should be considered when enrolling in a PPO plan. Make sure to look at the network providers and check that you’re comfortable receiving care from them. It would help if you also took note that in exchange for the flexibility of being allowed to receive care outside of the plan’s network, you will face a higher premium.

HMO Plans

HMO Plans, or Health Maintenance Organization Plans, provide a network of coverage for beneficiaries. In some cases, healthcare outside of the network may be covered. This includes emergency care, as well as urgent care and some dialysis. You should speak with your insurance provider if you’re wondering more about the specifics of HMO exceptions.

HMO specifics

HMO plans typically require referrals to see a specialist, with some exceptions such as mammograms. They usually require that the beneficiary choose a primary care doctor, and this doctor can most likely provide a referral if needed.

Coverage outside of the network may need to be paid for entirely out-of-pocket. It’s best to be familiar with the care available within your network so that bills will be as low as possible.

Advantage for Veterans

Veterans enrolled in VA benefits can be simultaneously enrolled in Medicare Advantage. It may be the best option to reduce costs.

Why receive both Benefits?

VA benefits and Medicare Advantage don’t have the same coverage, which means that Medicare Advantage may be able to compensate for what VA benefits don’t cover. If you’ve noticed that your VA benefits aren’t covering the healthcare you need, Medicare Advantage could be the solution.

You deserve the best insurance possible.

Enrolling in an insurance plan doesn’t have to be stressful. Our experts at Senior Insurance Consultants have experience selecting the right policy for clients. We can answer your questions, provide guidance, and make all your insurance decisions as simple as possible.

Prescription Drug Coverage

There are two ways to get prescription drug coverage through Medicare.

Part D

Part D of Medicare provides prescription drug coverage, and it is not included in Original Medicare, and nobody will be automatically enrolled. However, if you have Original Medicare but still have high pharmacy bills, Part D might be the solution.

Medicare Advantage

Advantage Plans, also known as Part C, can include drug coverage if the beneficiary chooses. Including drug coverage in a Part C plan is efficient and an excellent option for those who regularly take prescription drugs.

Here’s What You Should Consider

Not all prescription drug plans are the same. If you want to enroll in prescription drug coverage, you should ask an insurance agent what all your options are. Different plans will include certain medications, so you must be enrolled in the plan that best fits your needs. If you have questions about prescription drug plans or want to enroll, our professionals can be of assistance.

Self Enrollment

Those who meet the Medicare age requirement and receive Social Security benefits will not need to enroll. Their enrollment in Original Medicare is automatic, and they’ll receive a packet in the mail close to their 65th birthday. The packet will contain further details.

If you wish to self-enroll, you can do so in person, online, or over the phone. All three of these methods will be done through Social Security.

You must complete the enrollment process if you’re not automatically enrolled in Original Medicare. Self-enrollment can be a simple process but requires lots of research. Working with an insurance agent can reduce stress and provide peace of mind from knowing you’ve examined all your options.

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